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Home   American Funding Resource's home page

Site Map  American Funding Resource's (main) site index / table of contents   

General Information - selling your mortgage note

Q & A   Answers to frequently asked questions, with links to related pages

Should I Sell ?   Explanation of the pros and cons of selling a mortgage note
Cash Options    Information page on the various ways mortgage notes can be purchased / sold
Tips on Selling  Detailed site map on selling a mortgage note , with links to related topics 
Steps Involved   Description of the mortgage note buying process
Doc. Checklist   Checklist of documents and information needed to process the transaction
Property Types  Describes the types of properties we consider as collateral for notes we purchase
Notes We Buy Describes the types of notes we purchase
Glossary  Definitions of  real estate and real estate financial terms
Note Pools  How-to Guide to buying and selling mortgage notes in bulk, with links to related topics 
Downloads Useful forms, worksheets, etc. in PDF or spreadsheet format
About Us    Information about  American Funding Resources
Privacy Policy   Description of our privacy and security policies
Testimonials  Comments and feedback from previous Note Seller customers about our service
Contact Us   Company contact information
Links   Internet links to American Funding's friends; and other other helpful internet resources
Quote Form  Online submission form for a free, no obligation quote
Pricing Your Note   Detailed explanation, with examples, of how the value of a mortgage note is determined
Internet Quotes  Tips - the do's and don'ts of obtaining quotes over the internet
Guide - How to Use Owner Financing to Sell a Property  User's guide and pricing Matrix.
Real Estate Note Articles  Covering various topics relating to note purchasing, R.E. markets, etc.


Downloads:   Information &  Forms

Information Sheet  - General Information on the mortgage note buying / note selling process
Documentation Checklist  - printable version of Checklist; documents and information needed
Quote Request Fax Form  - if you prefer to send the information to us by fax. Or, use this form to just gather the necessary information, then complete our online Quote Form.
Guide  - How to use seller financing to sell a property
Property Sales Calculator:  downloadable working copy in Excel:
Form 1003 Uniform Residential Loan Application  (when considering seller-financing )
Other Forms & Information ( sample notes, mortgages, contracts, etc ).