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Okay,  you've decided that it makes sense to get a FREE Quote
on  your mortgage note -  yet you may still 
have some unanswered questions. 

     To help you, we've put together some detailed information links below.   

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  • What are the actual steps in the entire transaction ?  Steps Involved 

  • How do you determine the price you'll pay for my mortgage note or contract ?  Pricing Your Note

  • What specific types of properties and security instruments will you consider ?  Property Types

  • Are there any mortgage notes that you CAN'T buy ? Yes.  Please click here  to see the list on our             Quote Form;  and  save yourself  time.

  •  I'm not too familiar with all of the terms / definitions used in the mortgage purchase industry.  Glossary  

  • Will the information I give you be held in strict confidence ?  Yes.  Please see our  Privacy Policy  page.

  • Should I sell my mortgage note to you ?  At  AMERICAN FUNDING RESOURCES,  we are confident that we can  give you the pricing, professionalism and service that you want.   About Us

  • Do you buy Mortgage  Note Pools  and Portfolios, as well as individual mortgage notes ?   Yes, for detailed information, go to  Note Pools .  >>>  Update:    We are not buying Note Pools at this time ( Sept. 2010 )

  • Can you give me any advice on getting quotes over the internet ?  Yes.  See  Internet Quotes

We hope this additional information has helped you ! 
For any other questions you might have, feel free to call us 
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   What We Don't Do  - 

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    Please: Principals only

     No Note Brokers / Finders      
     No  2nd Mortgages

     No  Mortgages  < $ 100,000
     No  MH or Row Homes
     No  Flips or Rehabs
     No  Simultaneous closings

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  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family  1-4 units
  • Multi-family  5 units
  • Apartments
  • Office  / Retail
  • Commercial
  • Land

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