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How  Much  Will I  Get  for  My  Mortgage  Note ? 
We pay you Top Dollar  for your Note !   The value of the note is based on the down payment, interest rate, payment amount, and term,  as well as the buyer's credit rating and payment history. The type, condition, and value of  the property are also factors taken into consideration.

How Do You Determine How Much to  Pay Me for My Mortgage Note ?
For a detailed explanation of this, please go to  Pricing Your Note.

How  Long  Will It Take  to  Receive  My  Cash ? 
You will typically receive your cash within 10 TO 15  business days.

What Are My Costs?
You pay no points or fees. The amount that we quote is the cash you will receive.

Can This  Be Done Through  the  Mail ? 
Yes, the sale of your mortgage can be completed easily and confidentially through the mail or in person.

Will the Terms of My Mortgage Note Change ? 
Absolutely not.  The sale of your note never changes the interest rate of your mortgage note, the monthly payments or any other term of your mortgage.

Is This a New  Idea ? 
No. Banks and individuals have been selling notes for years. This is a simple and easy way for you to obtain cash.

What Types of Properties and Mortgages will you consider ?
We will consider buying mortgages on most types of real estate properties, including residential, multifamily, certain types of commercial properties, and land only.  The properties may be secured by first position mortgages, contracts for deed or land contracts.  Various levels of credit will also be considered.

What  Are  the Steps Involved  in  the Transaction ?
Once you provide us with the information on your mortgage and note that we need, we get back to you promptly with a free, no obligation Quote, which will include a number of Cash Options for you to consider.   When you accept our quote, we will then ask for copies of certain documents relating to your mortgage.  These may be sent to us by fax, email or regular mail.

           We take care of everything from there !

When the Closing Agent  has received  back and recorded the necessary documents, then the transaction is funded.  You immediately receive your money by check, or if you prefer, by direct wire transfer to your bank account.

MORE  Q & A:
For more detail on the above questions, click on  Tips on Selling Your Mortgage Note.                 
        -  which also includes:
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     No Note Brokers / Finders      
     No  2nd Mortgages

     No  Mortgages  < $ 100,000
     No  MH or Row Homes
     No  Flips or Rehabs
     No  Simultaneous closings

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  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family  1-4 units
  • Multi-family  5 units
  • Apartments
  • Office  / Retail
  • Commercial
  • Land

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