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In today's world, just about everyone uses the internet for both information and shopping.  That's fine, but in dealing with something of monetary value - such as the mortgage note that you hold, it pays to be extra cautious.

Unfortunately, there are both good and bad types in all businesses and in all industries. So, a few words of caution when using the internet (or other sources) for getting a Quote on the note you're considering selling:

Check out who you are dealing with, especially as to reputation. Some good sources are:
  • Better Business Bureau  ( ) -This  national database is best; you don't need to know the location.
  • Rip Off Report  ( ) -  This site only shows negative information, if any.
Evaluate the quality of the Quote you're receiving.
  • Be wary of "bait and switch" tactics. The "highest" bid you initially receive may not be a real (final) number - or the amount of money you receive.
  • Is the person you spoke with experienced, and knowledgable about the mortgage buying business ?
  • Did they check the credit of the Payor(s) before quoting ?  If not,  there's a good chance the quote will change - downward.
  • Did they quote you based on buying the next due payment, when there's isn't really time enough to do that  ? (see "payment holdback" below also ).
Before formally accepting any bid, review or have your attorney review the ( Note Purchase ) Agreement sent to you, particularly as to:
  • Penalty clauses - ours has none; some are as high as 10% of the balance;
  • Accrued interest to you through the funding date - we pay this in almost all cases, many others don't;
  • Payment holdback - If someone quotes you a specific dollar amount on a Full Purchase (rather than as a percentage of the balance as we do), they likely will withold a full payment if they "can't close on time".  We believe that practice is unethical and unfair to you.

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