American Funding Resources



Agreement with American Funding Resources, signed and dated 

A copy of the signed closing or settlement statement when property was sold, showing disbursement of funds

Copies of the signed promissory note, showing recording stamp (if applicable)

Copies of the recorded mortgage, deed of trust, or contract, showing recording stamp

Note seller's Loan amortization schedule, If available 

A copy of borrowers hazard (fire) insurance policy, naming (you) the note holder as a loss payee or mortgagee, if available (or)  Insurance Agentís contact information:  name, telephone, etc. 

A copy of a Owners and/or Lenders title insurance policy (not a commitment) issued at the time of closing on the sale of the property, if available

A copy of the Warranty Deed showing your transfer of  title to the new owner. ( or ) If this is a Contract for Deed or agreement for deed type of security instrument, a copy of the actual recorded Warranty Deed showing ownership of the subject property  by (you) the contract holder. 

Pay History Verification Form (attached): complete, sign, date and return 

Personal information about the Mortgagor(s) / Payor(s), such as their name(s), addresse(s), and phone number(s)

Employment information on payors. If available. ( Employers name, address, phone # )

If the instrument is serviced through a third party collection agent, please provide their name, address, account number, and phone number

Evidence of real estate tax current status ( recent statement from County Tax office )

Any other documents, as needed