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Mortgage Note Buyers & Investors nationwide,  since 1981   -  Trust Deed Buyers    -   Land Contract Buyers
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What Are ... My Cash Options ?

     Do you need only a certain amount of immediate cash right now ?

 You don't have to sell your whole mortgage and note.   You can sell it all, or just some of the payments, 
- and receive the remaining payments (or balloon payment ) yourself.

When we provide you with your free quotation, we'll give you  a number of Cash Options to consider, 
... so that you can ...

Choose the one that's best for You !

  •   Full Purchase - You can sell all of  your remaining  payments for cash now. 

  •   Partial Purchase - You can sell any number of your scheduled payments; and receive the remaining
payments in the future.

  •   Balloon Purchase - If  your mortgage has a final, balloon payment,  you can sell some or all of the
payments; and either sell or retain all or part of the balloon payment.

  •   Multi-Stage Payout - You receive a lump sum at closing, plus you receive a guaranteed payment at a
set future date.

  • Split Partial Purchase - You receive cash at closing for the sale of  just a part of each of the 
future payments, plus you receive the remaining part of each payment when due.

  • Other Options - custom designed, case-by-case, based on what you want to do.

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How much is my
worth ?

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What We Don't Do  -      Save Yourself Time !

    Please:   Principals only

     No Note Brokers / Finders      
     No  2nd Mortgages

     No  Mortgages  < $ 100,000
     No  MH or Row Homes
     No  Flips or Rehabs
     No  Simultaneous closings

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  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family  1-4 units
  • Multi-family  5 units
  • Apartments
  • Office  / Retail
  • Commercial
  • Land

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