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Mortgage Note Buyers & Investors nationwide,    since 1981   -  Trust Deed Buyers    -   Land Contract Buyers

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    Considering  selling  your privately-held  Residental or Commercial
real  estate Mortgage Note for Cash ?

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      Looking for  -  the best price on the mortgage                                     note that you hold ?           

You're at the Right Place !   
$$$     We  buy ( first position only ) Mortgages &  Notes  nationwide.
$$$     We  can pay you Top  Dollar  -  up  to  100%.
$$$     We  provide  you  with  a  fast,  FREE,  no obligation Quote.
$$$     We  give  you  a  choice of  Cash Options.
$$$     We  set  up a  fast,  no-hassle  Funding.

American Funding Resources is a buyer of performing ( first lien position only ) seller-financed and privately-held residential
 and commercial real estate mortgage notes nationwide.

The notes we purchase may be secured by mortgages, deeds of trust, trust deeds, or land contracts / contracts for deed on
 various types of residential and commercial properties.

If you've sold a property and taken back a mortgage, we can "cash you out" when you sell the mortgage note - either by a
Full Purchase of the remaining payments; or,   if you prefer, we can just buy part of the payment stream - through a
Partial Purchase.  The remaining payment stream, when due, reverts back to you.

We've specialized in buying real estate mortgage notes since 1981. Because of our experience, and volume of business,
we are able to 
provide you with exceptional prices - and exceptional service.

 Even if  you've never sold a mortgage note before, following the
       main page 
link buttons below  -  or the Site Map - will get you to 
all the information you need  !

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Then, when you're ready, just click on any  Quote  Form  button  and fill in the online information
- so we can give you  an accurate (and firm)  free Quote on your note.
  Or,  call us  at:  1 - 321 - 549 - 8410  Eastern Time

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          We promise you a fast, friendly response, and the input to make the choice that's right for you.                      
... and, the cash we quote you is the cash you get.

Contact  us  today - You'll be glad you did !

logo triangle: AFR logo American Funding Resources, Inc.  
 Palm Bay,  Florida

Phone:    1- 321 - 549 - 8410   Eastern time


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We buy / purchase:
1st position mortgages notes 
real estate mortgages notes
privately held mortgages notes
carry back mortgages notes
owner financed mortgages notes
seller held mortgages notes
deeds of trust
trust deeds
wraparound mortgages 
land contracts
contracts for deed 
commercial mortgages notes

We pay:
cash for notes
cash for mortgages
cash for real estate contracts
cash for trust deeds
cash for deeds of trust
cash for land contracts

About Us:  We buy real estate mortgage notes on both residential and commercial properties throughout the continental United States. At American Funding Resources we do it all: we're note buyers, mortgage buyers, mortgage note buyers, real estate note buyers, land contract buyers, trust deed buyers,  mortgage investors, commercial mortgage note buyers, note investors, and note brokers. If you hold and are receiving payments on an owner-financed mortgage or seller-financed private mortgage, and want to cash out, you're at the right place !  We pay cash for notes, cash for mortgages, cash for real estate notes - buying individual notes or multiple notes as mortgage note pools / mortgage note portfolios. To familiarize yourself with the mortgage note buying / mortgage note selling process, follow our links to Q & A, Tips on Selling,  Pricing Your Note and Glossary.  Planning to: sell mortgage, sell note, sell mortgage note, sell real estate notesell commercial mortgage note, sell land contract, or sell trust deed contact us - you'll be glad you did !  For the best price and exceptional service, whether you're selling residential real estate mortgage note  or selling commercial real estate mortgage note, call us  at 1-321-549-8410 Eastern time.


Last modified:  9-1-2016

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How much is my
worth ?

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  • or Call: 1- 321 - 549 - 8410 Eastern time

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    What We Don't Do  -      Save Yourself Time !
    Please:   Principals only

     No Note Brokers / Finders      
     No  2nd Mortgages

     No  Mortgages
< $ 100,000

     No  MH or Row Homes
     No  Flips or Rehabs
     No  Simultaneous closings

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  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family  1-4 units
  • Multi-family  5 units
  • Apartment  Buildings
  • Office  / Retail
  • Commercial
  • Land

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Just received the funds for the sale of my mortgage note, for the exact amount that was quoted. Thank you for your help and advice during the whole process. ...


Wow, what a smooth transaction, we didn't realize a  real estate deal could be done so easily. Thanks, and come visit with us if you ever get to Hawaii.

The recent sale of my mortgage note was professionally handled and the complexities  were made easy. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a professional business transaction.  ...

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