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Our job is to find you the right commerical mortgage loan at the most competitive price. Through our lender relationships, we can almost always get you a better deal than you might be able to get on your own.  We know what's required for a professional loan submission package and do much of the research and preparation - saving you both time and effort.


From your standpoint,  having a selection of financing offers to choose from is the ideal goal. Due to the complexity of commercial mortgage loans (versus home mortgage loans), however, it isn't possible to provide on-line "instant" quotes. 


  • You first provide us ( by phone or by using our Contact Form ) with the preliminary information for our initial evaluation.  Contact Info Form
  • Based on that information, we supply the (pre) Application Form ( Motel, Retail, etc. ) that applies to your planned transaction.  Application Form
  • We then create your formal Loan Submission Package; and match your request to our commercial lender sources.   see sample  sample Loan Package
  • You evaluate, then choose from the selection of Quotes / Proposals that we provide. ( 24 - 48 hours ) see sample  Quotation 
  • You provide additional documentation, as needed. The loan request is then processed and underwritten (property appraisal, documentation, title insurance, etc).
  • Upon final approval,  your loan is closed and funded. The whole process generally takes 30 - 60 days, depending upon the property type and the complexity of the transaction.

The key to success in obtaining the financing you want is in providing us with 

accurate and complete information !


Commercial mortgage loans are quite different from home mortgage loans - in addition to the market value of the property, and the credit of the borrowers,  commercial lenders also look very closely at the following factors (and others) in determining a commercial property's maximum loan amount:
  • Actual and/or Projected Sales & Income
  • Stabilized Net Cash Flow
  • Debt Service Ratios
  • Loan-to-Value Ratios
  • Income Capitalization Rates
  • Occupancy Rates


We prepare your professional loan submission package so that it's in acceptable form to all commercial mortgage lender types. Because of  the differences between various property / business scenarios, we tailor your package based on the information you provide in a specific Application Form.

These downloadable Forms, available in both .PDF and Excel format, include the following: Office, Retail, Multifamily, Industrial, Hotel / Motel, Self-Storage, Health Care, Mobile Home Park; and can be used for both tenant or owner-operated properties.  Application Form

In today's competitive world, to get the Best Quote,  it's crucial to present your loan request in the best possible light 
- and to the "right" lender type.

That's what we do !

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